Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Week: Day 3

I thought these pancakes would be cute and easy... not so. They aren't as easy as they look! I think if I had a gas stove then the pan would have been more flat to keep the batter from shifting. Maybe if the batter was thicker that would help to. I guess the important thing is that they were eatable!

Our fun project was these ADORABLE heart guys we made into magnets. Alyssa gave one to her grandma and she put a pin on the back to wear to work. I did end up hot gluing everything after craft gluing them because I just didn't see these things staying together with white glue. But I let my little one assemble them first before I reinforced them.
No time for the cupcakes yesterday so we made our missed treat from the other day, rice krispie treats. We added red food coloring, but they came out more of a dark pink. No complaints from either of us! (We LOVE pink around here)