Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project Day in May

 Yes - most of a day spent on getting things done around the house that have been put off or just never finished. 

 I must have commented on my mom's hydrangea bush enough times, because for Mother's Day my own mom bought me my own pink hydrangea bush.  
It's been HOT and the poor thing needed planted so badly.  So the leaves are looking sad in this photo, but I hope after finally planting it today, giving it good Miracle Grow potting soil, and also plenty of cool water it will start to grow and thrive.
I hope to have my own large blooms of hydrangea flower to clip and bring into my home next year.

This is so not like us, lol
We have a very pretty backyard, but it is filled with bugs and wildlife...
 Hubby didn't like the idea of killing the grass in the front yard and our driveway has a pretty good slope to it, so we decided the garage was the best place, for now, for the temporary swimming pool.
Hey, not so hot in there and less likely to get sunburns, why didn't we think of this sooner?

 We have had this towel rack since Christmas
I've ALWAYS wanted one!
So it sat on the floor in our bathroom on it's stand, sort of kind of, getting used here and there.  More so just being in the way.  Today we finally have it mounted and can enjoy the warmth of heated towels after our showers.  True, this is a much better luxury for cooler weather, but I'll take it now!

And last but not least, I'm finishing my desk in my studio.
Another one of those projects that just has sat, unfinished, for a year now...
I'll save this photo for its own post.
Stay Tuned!