Monday, June 30, 2008

Party Time

My mother's birthday was fast approaching and she never "wants anything." I wanted to somehow make the day special, none the less, and decided on a custom party... last minute mind you. I tore into my craft supplies and pulled together a bright color scheme that was just perfect, pink and orange with gerbra daisies for added color.
We set the table with a pink table cloth and orange place mats. I added striped detail to the sides of the place mats and wrapped the tea lights with the same paper as well as adding little strips to the place cards. We had tea goblets with orange slices and a bottle of orange soda at each place setting.

I found a fun bottle and felt wine bottle bag as my mom's gift. I made an angel food cake and frosted it with strawberry whipped cream and added strawberries to make it cute, and yummy! (Photo at bottom of blog)

I made pink lemonade and sliced up the left over oranges to garnish and keep with the pink and orange theme.

I also made little favors. The bag template I found on: (if you haven't been there and your a crafter... you'd better go now) The treat inside is called flamingo splash, another find on splitcoast. My mom LOVES flamingos and they are PINK, they worked in perfect. (I should mention to, we adopted a flamingo from the zoo in her name as her other birthday gift) Flamingo Splash is basically pink lemonade powder and lemon drops.

This was a fun party to plan!


I've officially become a blogger. I'm very excited about my new venture, HAIR BOWS AND TUTUS!! I have always been in the craft world since I was very little, thanks to my mother. It was only natural for me to start working one of my first jobs at Michael's Arts and Crafts. I was promoted to the Event Coordinator position after only a year and found my niche. Not only did I get to host events, parties, and classes (another one of my passions, party planning) I also got to try out all the latest and greatest inventions in the craft world. I stayed at Michael's for 4 years total and enjoyed it all until another great creative opportunity came along... Candy Bouquet!! I have now been happily working for a friend's mother at her Candy Bouquet shop now for over a year and couldn't be happier. I get to still be very creative and work with my hands. I work part time because my full time job is being a mother to very energetic 2 year old. She is the inspiration for this latest venture into making hair bows and tutu as well as tutu dresses. If you are a mother to a little girl, you just about can't resist these things!! I've seen them a lot and with my background I of course thought, "I CAN DO THAT!!" So I'm doing it and having a blast. I have a few bows out for sale at the Candy Bouquet and have sold a few, I'd like to branch out and offer them over the internet, thus HERE I AM! I will at some point try e-bay (not so sure about that yet) and even a MySpace page dedicated to it. For now I'm just feeling it out. I guess before I close this, my first blog, I should also say I'm married to a wonderful man for 4 years now and he is great enough to understand my crafting addiction and always has supported me. That's all of now!! I would love to eventually get pictures up of my creation... check back again soon!