Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I LOVE Children's Place

I always try to hit the Children's Place after season specials (online). If you hit it just right there will be rock bottom prices and still have most of the items you want in the sizes that you need, plus add an online discount code and you've got yourself some great deals. My daughter hit a huge growth spurt right around Christmas and grew right out of her pants and jeans leaving us with a few hand-me-downs that were nice to wear around the house, but not for going out in public. I went to the resale shop first and got a few things, waiting for Children's Place to run their sale and FINALLY I got her new clothes in the mail yesterday. Everything in the photo is $119.50 worth of clothes and shoes had you bought it at regualr price, for me (before tax and shipping) cost only $35!! (Add $7ish for shipping and tax, still a great deal) Now I just gotta find some deals for the upcoming spring/summer wardbrobe since she probably won't fit into much of what she wore last year.