Saturday, February 21, 2009

Freebies In My Mailbox!

I got my very first FREE magazine in the mail today, Family Fun. It also says my subscription is good through Feb. 2011!! YAY! Also received these items in my mailbox this week:
ASPCA Kit with magnet and window sticker
3x Ibunex cream
Lancaster Face Cream
2x Kotex
Nicoderm patch (no nicotine on patch)
Aveeno Face Cream & $1.50 coupon
2x Corsamin Dietary Drink Mix $3.00 coupon
Canker Melts


nicholejeff said...

How did you get the kotex and creams?

Mommy2aQT said...

I visit other blogs that tell you what freebies are out there. Usually these things take 6-8 weeks to arrive and therefore the offers expire by the time you receive them. You can visit Bargain Briana's site and Money Saving Mom - they are great sources. I could probably go 2 months without buy feminine products with all those type of freebies I've gotten in the mail. There are usually new freebies everyday from somewhere. Just make sure you use a fake e-mail address when you are registering because you'll get a lot of spam.