Friday, September 18, 2009

A Pirates Life for Me!

Today is National Pirates Day and the mascot of the school my daughter attends just happens to be a PIRATE! They have been doing pirate activities all week. They even have a pirate ship made from boxes set up in the classroom. She has had a lot of fun. Today everyone in the school was encouraged to dress up as pirates. Well... of course my creative side kicks right into gear when I hear something like that. I came up with a simple, last minute girly pirate costume for her to wear and she just loved it. I also now have it available in my online store if you are interested in buying one for your little girl for Halloween or for a pirate themed birthday party!

Click here to see more pictures, details, and pricing on this Pirate costume!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walgreens 9/13

2x Walgreen Foil: $1.19 each
-$1.20 (2x $.60) walgreens ad coupons

2x Halloween Puzzles: $.50 each (when you buy 2)

True North Almond Crisps: $3.00
-$1.00 coupon

2x Schik Razors: $7.99 (Sale - Buy One Get One Free)
- 2x $4.00 coupons

Used $4.00RR
Total OOP: $.86!!
Earned $3.00 RR

Total saved: $23.18
**96 % SAVINGS**

***This store did not have the Free After RR Ear Wax Removal Kit, they said they are ordering it and it should be in on Tuesday. I am going to go back Wednesday to see if they do have it or not and probably grab more of the True North Crisps.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Family Fun - Right in your own backyard

Alyssa in the tent ready to camp!

So many people we knew were going to take advantage of this beautiful weekend and going camping, so we thought we'd do our own version of camping - in the backyard! I'm sure it's done a lot, but this was a first for us. We never know how our daughter will react to things. We wanted her first camping experience to be comfortable and pleasant and FUN! And she was very excited.

Roasting her first hot dog!

We pitched the tent, built a fire, BBQed hamburgers, roasted hot dogs, and not to be left out the most important part S'MORES! Another first for our little girl, and she LOVED them! We ate outside and enjoyed the outdoors till it was time for bed. We found the perfect bedtime book: Campfire Tales! My husband and I really roughed it, sleeping on only a thick comforter and quilt while our little princess had her foam fold out couch/bed.

Bedtime Story

It did take awhile for the sugar high to wear off before we could all get to sleep that night. And I don't think any of us slept well or much either, but some really great memories were made and all at the cost of some hard work and yummy food!

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Alyssa with the stepping stone that reads:
"Grandma and Papa's House"

Oh, how much fun it must be being the ONLY GRANDCHILD! Yep, that's my Alyssa. Spoiled through and through by her "Gramma" & "Papa." I think it's only fitting that the grandparents get a day to claim as their own for all the wonderful things they do and stand for.

My daughter and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon one day this week after she got home from school doing her favorite thing "a project." Her eyes light up instantly when she hear the word "project." But this project was super special, it was for her grandparents for their special day.

We both picked out the stepping stone at the store together. Granted me, the mom, had a big hand in this craft; however, it was fun and we wanted something her grandparents could have around for awhile. She did do quite a bit of the work with me, stirring the cement, smoothing it out, picking out the designs she wanted and laying all the pretty pieces of tumbled glass so it was just perfect.

Now remember she is 3, and secrets are HARD to keep at any age. So we let the stone cure over night and she just couldn't stand it anymore, she had to give her gift one day early. But shouldn't every day be Grandparent's Day anyway?

Alyssa with her #1 Papa who wanted to proudly
display the stepping stone right in front of their house

Bargain's at Babies' R Us??

I think I must admit that finally my little girl has pretty well out grown Babies' R Us... We stopped by today to look at clothes (they say they go up to 48 months, but there are very few that did - She's in 3T/36 months). Well we sort of gave up on clothes and started browsing... me I was day dreaming of those days we had all those baby items. Missing it and being thankful I didn't need all that stuff anymore all at the same time.

I decided to check out the food section, knowing they carry some great organic and natural snacks my daughter would probably enjoy. That's where I got distracted and started noticing all these items I didn't remember ever being there: Tide, dish soap and dishwasher tablets, house hold cleaners... It was almost like a mini-mart!

The bargain hunter in went straight to the bright red tickets indicating CLEARANCE! Low and behold a fabulous find I never thought I'd ever get at a Babies' R Us of all places:

Arm & Hammer Essentials Bottles priced at: $.98 each! (Reg. $2.98)
Arm & Hammer Essentials Refills priced at: $1.48 each! (Reg. $4.49)

*What made this deal even sweeter was the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupons on the bottles!
The coupons didn't indicate which item was free so the cashier gave us one of the refills for FREE and since I only got 3 refills she gave me a bottle FREE on the 2nd coupon - had I known I could have used them on the refills I would have used more coupons and this deal would have been even sweeter!! But I'm happy in the long run anyway.

Total OOP: $6.42
Saving of $18.47!!
For potentially 10 bottles of cleaner!! ($.64 each!)

I've purchased these cleaners before and love them. They smell great and clean well. I think this is a great price for a natural cleaning product!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Coupon Inserts this Week!

Miss the coupons in the paper last week? (Labor Day weekend= No Coupon Inserts) Well this week the coupon gods are making up for it with 5 inserts in this Sunday's newspapers! Go here to view a list of all the coupons!

Walgreens 9/10

Transaction #1:

Glade Sense & Spray: $5.99
-$4.00 coupon

Scott Tissue: $6.99 (sale)

Sandwich Bags: $1.99
-$1.00 walgreens coupon

2x 2 oz. Glade Candles: $2.00 each
-$4.00 (2x Free candle coupons)

Folder: $.49
-$.24 walgreens coupon

Used: $10.00 RR
Total OOP: $4.45
Earned: $3.00 RR


Transaction #2:

2x 2 oz. Glade Candles: $2.00 each
-$4.00 (Free candle coupons)

Total OOP: $0.00
Earned: $1.00 RR

Total OOP for BOTH Transacations: $4.45
Earned $4.00RR
Total Saved: $33.50

Works For Me Wednesday (on Thursday)

With our little one in PreK now I'm always anxious to see what she's learned that day and see what kind of fun things she's done. The teacher sends home papers describing their activities and adds little comments some times. Since she gets home at 11am that is way before her Daddy gets home. I always place her paper on the kitchen table so when he does get home and dinner is on the table he can look over her day and we all discuss what she did. It's great family time and it's cute to see her discribe things and get excited about school!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walgreen 9/2

2x Reeses: 2/$1.59
-2x $.55 coupons

1 Coke Zero: $1.39
*Free if you buy 2 Hershey's brand candy bars

Reach Floss: $2.99
-$1.00 coupon

Colgate Toothbrush: $2.99

Folder: $.39
-$.19 walgreen in-ad coupon

Used: $4.00 RR
Total OOP: $2.18
Received: $5.00 RR

**I also got my $30 Healthy Savings Booklet - YAY!**

Cookin' in the Kitchen Post #1

I have felt so sluggish lately. We keep plenty busy around here, but my energy level just wasn't up to snuff. I completely blame it on my horrible diet. I eat on the run, really wish I'd squeeze more fruit into my diet, and live off of caffeine. On the other hand my daughter receive all me and my husbands attention when it comes to her health and diet only drinking 100% juices, as much fruit and veggies as we can get into her, spending the extra money for the whole grain versions of snacks, and always watch what she is eating. Well the tide is turning and we are making big changes around here. I've researched many recipes that are healthy and still tasty. I figured you can't go wrong with having as much fresh veggies and fruit around the house and we are well stocked. Yesterday I found a wonderful stir-fry recipe from $5 Dinners you can view the recipe here: Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry

Fresh broccoli, lean beef, seasonings, and whole grain brown rice - Great Combination! It tasted as good as it looks and it was HEALTHY! (please ignor the messy stove!) I'll be trying lots of other great tasting and healthy recipes here and there and I'll share if I feel like they are worthy.