Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm not new to Aldi's but I am a stanger. It's not a place I frequent only because there isn't one all that close, but we were in the area today and there was an insert in the Sunday paper that showed some great deals. Here's what I got:

Ripple Potato Chips: $1.29

Pretels: $1.29
10 lb bag of potatoes: $1.99
Sweet Onions: $1.49
Egg Noodles: $.99
Salad Dressing: $1.69
Block of Sharp Cheddar: $1.29
Rice Mix: $.59

AND THE BEST DEAL OF ALL FLOWERS! They were marked $.25 for each bunch PLUS were BOGO FREE! They rang up $.12 each bunch!!! WOW! I combined the two bunches to make one big beautiful bouquet. I just love fresh flowers in the house, they make things feel fresh and alive.

Total OOP: $11.25 (with tax)

I'm going to try and make it over there more often now, because I can already tell a lot of the produce and cheeses are much less expensive then at Schnucks. Some things I'm picky about, but there were still a lot of great items I don't mind compromising on.