Friday, August 17, 2012


We kept it between me and hubby for a week before we told our families.
Today I'm 6 weeks and we decided to tell the facebook world!
Due: April 12, 2013

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saving Dough Sunday 6/24/12

 Today's couponing trip...

 Total OOP: $4.47 
*Still have $2.00 RR for my next trip!

Total OOP: $19.01
*Earned a $10.00 RR!!
Bayer was FREE with coupon

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The newest addition to our family

Our family's newest addition - a FUR BABY!  

I'm handing all the credit for this over to my lovely husband.  We HAD to run to Hobby Lobby last minute to grab 3 things (and I did- GO ME!).  Next to Hobby Lobby was PetCo....  Look out.

We wanted to get our daughter a fur baby for awhile.  She has a Beta Fish "Bubbles."  But we both had gerbils and hamsters growing up.  We were concerned that had a small rodent gotten loose (which is highly likely with it living in our 6 year old's room), that we may never find it again, haha!  So a larger version was the ticket.

Meet Pongo, our Guinea Pig, and our daughter's newest buddy...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tower Garden - Week #8

Picking our first cucumber from the Tower Garden!

You will see in the video the size of the other cucumbers we hope that can be picked shortly too!

This is our tower garden Week #8:
We FINALLY have some tomatoes growing!  About 7 small green tomatoes are clustered on one of the 4 plants.  The strawberries are slowly producing a fruit here and there.  No luck on the broccoli or cantaloupe yet, the plants are growing great, just no fruit/veggie to be seen.
So far the best plants are still the lettuce, and now the cucumber!
It's growing SO LARGE now!  both the cantaloupe and cucumber plants are growing along the ground now.

Saving Dough Sunday - June 17th

 I know it's Father's Day
but luckily there just happened to be a Walgreens and CVS on the way home from our Father's Day dinner.  So luckily we got stop by.  Otherwise this wouldn't have happened today.

 2 Transactions
Total OOP: $4.70 (w/ tax & used $2RR)
Earned: $6.50RR

Total OOP: $1.55 (w/ tax & used $8.00 ECB)
Earned: $6.00 ECB

What to do with mushy bananas


When our bananas start to look like this...

...I know it's time to make Banana Pops.  They are SO SIMPLE and so healthy of course.  My daughter loves them, and always goes for these as a snack if they are in the freezer.

1st - Peel the banana
2nd - Cut them in half
3rd - Insert a popsicle stick
 4th - Wrap with saran wrap
 5th - FREEZE

They are a hit in this house.

Father's Day

 What a GREAT Father's Day our family celebrated!
First we got to sleep in because our daughter spent a much needed night with her Gramma and Papa after they were away for a week on vacation.  She really missed them.

We ate a late breakfast
 Belgian Waffles

When our little one arrived home, just in time for late breakfast, she gave her daddy his Father's Day gift.  The card was perfect - a dad trying to put a bow in his daughter's hair :-)
A personalized coffee mug - he had just complained we didn't have any "manly" coffee mugs in the house.  This one not only said "World's Best Dad" (which he is), but also has his name on the other side.
And the best part of the gift was a Q&A sheet Alyssa filled out on her own.  I love how her little mind works.

 Here's a close up of the Father's Day Q&A

 Alyssa with her Daddy
She is as much a Daddy's girl and she is a Mommy's girl

 This is me, Alyssa, and my dad

We went out to dinner and went back to my parent's house for yummy cheesecake desert.
All in all I think the guys were pretty happy with their special day.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!  And to all the mom's that not only play the mommy role, but the daddy role too.