Monday, April 27, 2009

CVS 4/26

Well this photo is a combo of mine and my husbands two separate transations. He finally got to roll his first ECB's this week! His transaction went smoothly... mine became a BIG mess. I wanted to do the spend $20 get $10 ECB's when you buy visine and select Johnson & Johnson products (Page 18 of their ad).... well I guess I've got to learn the hard way. I choose my products and went to check out later realizing that my total came up EXTREMELY high and that something wasn't right. I cleared out my debit card info I'd tended to use to pay for it with when I had the cashier check to make sure the prices were right... the ad states "Prices Starting At $3.99, ect." NOT a sale price of. SO she went to void it out when the register went ahead with the transaction and charged my card. She went back and had to do a return and had to put my used ECB's and my coupons I used on a gift card and refunded the rest to my debit card. I told you a BIG MESS! Lesson: read the fine/not so fine print in the ads, lol! (cashier, luckily, was VERY nice)

(minus coupons since they had to go on a money card after my massive return)

1x Garnier Shampoo: $2.99

2x Oral B Toothbrushes: $1.99 each

1x Schick razor: $8.99

Total: $17.00 (on money card)
ECB's earned: $8.00
*Still have $10.82 on the money card*

Hubby's CVS:

1x Garnier Conditioner: $2.99
-$1.00 coupon

2x Oral B Toothbrushes: $1.99 each
-$1.00 off 2 coupon

ECB's used: $2.98
Total OOP: $2.31
Earned: $4.00 ECB's

Total Saved: $6.28
**78% SAVED**

Walgreens 2/26


2x Sun Detergent: $3.49 each (SALE)

2x Got2B Hair Products: $4.99 each
-2x $2.00 IP coupons
*Littlest bottle came free*

3x Scotch Packaging Tape: $.99 each (with ad coupon)

Used: $7.00 RR
$5.76 on a gift card
Total OOP: $8.78
Earned: $10.00 RR

Total Saved: $23.90
**77% SAVINGS**

K-Mart 4/25

I headed over to KMart for one more round of double/triple coupons on Saturday... sad that it may be a few months before we see this excitement in our area again. So I took a few coupons along, knowing most of the shelves would be long cleaned out of any freebie items. However I did find a few good deals to be had. Without breaking it down my subtotal before coupons was $25.00 and I ended up paying $8.00 OOP for everything shown above. $17.00 saving - not bad.

KFC - Free Grilled Chicken

If you are headed out, today only, you can snag a free piece of KFC's new Grilled Chicken. My daughter and I each got to enjoy a piece and our review of the new chicken: tastes good to us! (Always tastes better when something is free though too)

Friday, April 24, 2009


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walgreens & CVS 4/19



Edge Saving Cream:

Used: $4.50 RR
Total OOP: $.65
Earned: $5.00 RR


Edge Shave Cream: $2.89

Total OOP: $2.89
Earned: $2.89 ECB's

*My dear husband is now a proud owner of a CVS card, and this was his very first official purchase. He obviously didn't have any ecb's to start with so next week he can take and roll the ones he earned today. The CVS we went to was out of the free Bayer Crystals advertised this week and my smallest ECB was $4.50 so I didn't get a chance to get in on this weeks deal. There's always next week!


Just craziness at our Kmart first thing this morning. If you didn't get there within the first 30 minutes, you missed out getting a cart even! (Thankfully I didn't have that problem) Our area hasn't seen an event like this at Kmart in nearly 5 months, so it was fun to finally get some deals that so many people in other areas have been reaping the benefits from. SOOOO Here's what I was able to snag (in two transactions)!!

7x Trident gum (FREE)
5x Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads (FREE)
1x Capri Suns ($.69!)
4x Cases of Pepsi brand soda ($.19 each!)
2x Kotex liners (FREE)
1x Clearasil face wash ($1.29!)
1x Colgate kids toothbrush ($.74!)
2x Nivea lip blam ($.49 each!)
1x Scrubbing Bubbles foam ($1.50!)
1x Soft Soap hand soap (FREE)
2x Bandaids ($.79 each!)
4x Vaseline lotion (FREE)
2x KY Jelly ($.49 each!)
2x Secret Flawless deodorant: ($.49 each!)
1x Bic Soleil ($1.29)
4x Purex fabric softener ($.85 each!)
4x Kraft dressing ($.17 each!)
2x Clorox anywhere spray: ($.54 each!)
1x Apple Jacks cereal ($.49!)
1x Trix cereal ($1.29) * My only known error-thought it was a $2.50 cereal*

Subtotal: $80.58
Coupons redeemed: $58.70
Total OOP: $21.88
Total saved with sales/coupons: $73.64
***77% SAVINGS***

TOO MUCH FUN! They need to do this more then once every 5 months around here! I can't wait to see everyone else's deals from their K-Mart trip!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It really has been months since the St. Louis area has had a doubling coupon event. It is confirmed that next week it's finally back and even better then before! Not only are they doubling $.76-$4.00 coupons, they are tripling coupons up to $.75!! FABULOUS! If you aren't sure if stores in your area are doubling/tripling head over to K-Mart's website here and type in your zip code. If the ad comes up looking like the one above, your store is most likely taking part. Also check out Deal Seeking Mom's site, she is keeping a national list of participating stores on her blog. Or you can e-mail and ask K-Mart directly if your store will be participating.
(Thanks to STL Mommy for info!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Sunday Deal Scenarios

*CVS & Walgreens will be open Easter Sunday*

(I have $9.98 ecb's to roll)

Transaction #1:

1 - Softsoap Bodywash: $4.99
-$.75 coupon (3/29 SS)
*Earn $4.99 ECB's

1 - Colgate 360 Sensitive Toothbrush: $3.99
-$.75 coupon (3/29 SS)
*Earn $3.99 ECB's

1 Pantene Shampoo, 1 Pantene Conditioner, 1 Pantene Styler: 2/$7.00
-$3.00/2 coupon (4/5 P&G)
- Buy 1 Shampoo & 1 Conditioner get a FREE styler (3/15 P&G)
*Earn $2 ECB's for buying 2 Pantene Products

Subtotal: $19.48
-$8.00 coupons
Use: $9.98 ECB's
Total OOP: $1.50 (+ tax)
Earn: $10.98 ECB's

Transaction #2

Colgate Toothbrush: $3.99
-$.75 coupon (3/29 SS)
*Earn $3.99 ECB's

1- Pantene Shampoo, 1-Conditioner, 1- Styler: 2/$7.00
-$3.00/2 coupon (4/5 P&G)
- FREE Styler when you purchase Shampoo & Conditioner (3/15 P&G)
*Earn $2.00 ECB's when you buy 2
(I will have one hanging from 1st transaction, will buy 3 not 2 on each transaction, and that will count towards this 2nd transaction earning me $4.00 ECB's for buying 3 more giving me a total of 6 - limit on offer is 3.)

Subtotal: $14.49
-$7.25 coupons
Use: $6.99 ECB's (from 1st transaction)
Total OOP: $.21 (+tax)
*Earn: $7.99 ECB's



Transaction #1:

Scunci Elastic Hair Ties: $2.00
*Earn $2.00 RR

Fiber Choice: $2.49
*Earn $2.49 RR

Mushrooms: 2/$1.00 ad coupon

Colgate toothbrush: $3.29
-$1.00 coupon (must sign up)
*Earn $3.29 RR

Subtotal: $8.78
-$1.00 coupon
Use: $7.50 RR
Total OOP: $.28
Earn: $7.78 RR

Transaction #2

Scunci: $2.00
*Earn $2.00RR

Foil: $.59 ad coupon

Subtotal: $2.59
Use: $2.49 RR
Total OOP: $.09
Earn: $2.00 RR



Target 4/10

6x Vitamin Water: $1.00 each
-6x $1.00 coupons

2x Pop Secret Popcorn: $2.29 each
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$.50/2 coupon

2x Eggo Waffles: $2.14 each
-$1.00/2 Target coupon
-2x $.75 coupons

Pledge Spray: $3.74
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$2.00 IP

Total OOP: $5.99
Total Saved: $15.04
**72% SAVINGS**

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trips x2

Two days and 6 stores later, I finished my grocery shopping for the week. Many stores we don't frequent so this isn't an every week thing, but we did get good deals so it was worth the extra effort.
Day 1:
Samm's Club: 2lb. strawberries
Costoco: Milk & 3 dozen eggs
Market Place: 1 gallon ice cream
Hostess Store: 4x bread
Aldi: 10 lbs. potatoes, baby carrots, 3x garden salad, ice cream cones, 2x canned mushrooms, frosting, raisins, cinnamon rolls, & cream cheese

Total from Day 1: $25.25

Day 2:
Market Place: 3x margarine, 2x shredded cheese, 2x french onion dip, rolls, grapes, & bannanas, case of Mountain Dew
Schnucks: 2x lay's chips, cake mix, 4x frozen veggies

Total from Day #2: $16.34

Grand Total from Both Days: $41.59

($18.41 under budget!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walgreens 4/5

Transaction #1

2x Frosting: $1.50 each
-2x $.50 coupons
*earned $1.00 RR

2x Oust: $2.99 each
-2x $2.00 coupons
*$2.00 MIR

2x Visine AC: $3.99 each
-2x $3.00 coupons
*earned $3.00 RR

Colgate Toothpaste: $3.49
-$.75 coupon
*earned $3.50 RR

Used: $7.00 RR
Total OOP: $2.23 (on a gift card)

Transaction #2:

Oust: $2.99
-$2.00 coupon
*$1.00 MIR

2x Mentos Gum: 2/$2.00
-2x $1.00 coupons
*FREE after coupons

Total OOP: $1.20 (on a gift card)

Total OOP for both transactions:$3.43
Earned $7.50 RR
Will receive $3.00 after Mail In Rebates (MIR)

CVS 4/5

2x Pringles: $.88 each
-$1.00/2 coupon

Skintimate Shave Cream: $3.49

ECB's Used: $3.98
Total OOP: $.28
ECB's Earned: $3.49 + $.50 "Winter Savings"

Total Saved: $7.70
**96% SAVINGS**

Year to date OOP: $16.95
Year to date Savings: $284.25

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deal Plan for 4/5


Colgate Toothpast:
$.75 coupon (3/29 SS)
*Earn $3.49 RR

2x Visine A.C.: $3.99 each
2x $3.00 coupons (3/15 RP)
*Buy 2 earn $3.00 RR

2x Betty Crocker Frosting: $1.50
2x $.50 coupon (4/5 SS)
*Earn $1.00 RR

Oust Surface & Air: $2.99
$2.00 coupon (3/29 SS)
*Earn $1.00 Easy Saver Rebate #20



Bamboo Easter Baskets:
$1.99 each
*Earn $1.99 ecb's (limit 2)

Easter Grass:
$.79 each
*Earn $.79 ecb's (limit 2)

Skintimate Shave Cream:
*Earn $3.49 ecb's (limit 1)

2x Pringles:
$.88 each
$1.00/2 coupon (3/15 P&G)
($.38 each after coupon)


Deals from:

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