Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring/Summer Fever

So I took down the Valentine's Day decor yesterday and my house was looking pretty dull. After this latest blast of warm weather (now long gone), I have had severe Spring/Summer Fever. I wanted to brighten the place up a bit, or more then a bit. My craft area is full of bright items to keep my creative juices flowing, but I thought they'd better serve the living area for awhile. My first love is interior decorating and I was a Home Interiors consultant for awhile (but let's not go there). So if some of these items look familiar that's why. Excuse the TV cabinet, it has no doors. DD learned to open and close them, while we were watching TV, at a young age so those are gone.

I dressed up a cozy little corner where our "snuggle chair" is. My creative mother made me the "Inspire" art for Christmas (love it) and added a candle and the lamp.

I also dug out some Gerbera flowers from my collection (MY FAVE) to add to the gallery of photo collages I have.

And this is what started it all... my $.12 bunches of flowers I found at Aldi's this past Sunday. They are still going 4 days in! I added a bright pink polka dot bow and some super bright scrapbooking paper to the center of my dining room table and off I went decorating up a storm. So now the count down begins to the first day of spring: