Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freebie In The Mail

What another GREAT week to visit my mailbox! (minus all the bills that came along with the FREE stuff)

-Sun-Maid Cookbook
-Prilosec OTC & $5 coupon
-Orahealth sample
-Soy Joy Bar and $1/4 coupon
-Fruit Rollup & $10 coupon
-Orville Redenbacher & $1 coupon
-Glad Storage Bag
-Sunsilk & 2x $1 coupons
-Astroglide sample
-Crest Advanced Seal & $10 coupon
-Homemade Simple coupon book with FREE Cascade Rinse Agent coupon
-FREE sauve product coupon
-Marie Callender shopping list note pad and $1 coupon
-Assorted Old Orchard Coupons
-Organic coupons in an activity book
*Also would have gotten the FREE Rachael Ray dog food sample but my box was empty/tampered with and it was gone.