Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ladies' Night

This is where I spent my Wednesday evening, at the local YMCA for a Ladies' Night Out. There were lots of great vendors and from what I heard, not as many women this year as last year. I also split a table with a friend (table fee was rather high). We ended up only getting 6' tables not 8' like we expected and therefore each only had 3' to work with, we were VERY smashed in. I wasn't sure how it would go just because of lack of space and I hate my display looking a mess. In the end I didn't do too bad, made what I wanted to make considering. Many people at the show didn't sell one thing. We think because of the $5 admission fee and all the samples people were passing out they were mainly there for the free stuff. I shouldn't be talking since I live for free stuff now. I had fun and made alittle extra money while I was at it. You just never know how these things are going to go these days. Check out my items for sale at: