Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Week: Day 2

Blueberry Muffins and yogurt for breakfast. We are making similar heart shaped cupcakes as a treat another day this week. This was a good trial run, here's the directions. Next time I'll put the marbles closer to the top and fill the paper cups less full and maybe the hearts will turn out better.
Lunch was grilled cheese (so many fun ways to use the heart cookie cutter), steamed carrots, and strawberries.
I revised our project schedule a little. Valentine's were supposed to be Friday's project but we needed to get them in the mail so the family will receive them by Valentine's Day. This is my daughter showing off her cards.
She decorated the outside with markers and marker stamps. I traced her hand (in blue) in the sign language "I LOVE YOU" sign and wrote the words on each finger. The inside we glued red and white heart doilies and I helped her sign her name and write Happy Valentine's Day.
I had some tinted chap stick and thought it would be cute to let her SWAK the envelopes. Her little lips are in the middle of the big ring of pink. She had the chap stick everywhere!
The brownies were actually made on Monday (day 1) as our special treat. We didn't have enough time Tuesday to get around to making a treat, but we still had brownies left from the day before that we really didn't need another sweet desert tempting us.