Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wife Swap

I love watching Wife Swap only because it's funny to watch the people try to adapt to a new environment, last night I was laughing so hard at the episode. The basic two sided swap was about a woman who loved to spend and the other a woman who loved to COUPON! She had her basement shelves filled with all her different stockpile items and loved clipping coupons, even saying "It's a high walking out of the store with all the free stuff." I was thinking, that's who I've become in the last 2 months, yes I'm a newbie. But the woman that was the "spender" had many great points throughout the show. Saying to spend the money saved to do family things and still have fun without being all about the coupons and savings. It really can start to consume your life. So it not only was another great episode, but was also a reality check. The lady that loved to save and the end of the show made a great point saying - you'll probably never be able to quit couponing once you start!