Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paper Plate Dinner Night

So paper plates my not be the most environmently friendly way to go, but neither is running my dishwasher 2 times a day. I've offically proclaimed, one night a week, we will have a paper plate dinner night. LESS clean up for me - the mom. Last night we used chicken from the whole chicken I cooked Sunday in the crock pop and made wraps with lettuce, cheese, and ranch dressing and our side dish was fresh carrots I steamed and added brown sugar to. I'm already liking this new deal! Our family LOVES pork chops to, so there will also be one night a week we will enjoy our favorite meal of them all. Here's the meal plan for the week:

Monday - Chicken Pot Pies
Tuesday- Paper Plate Night (chicken wraps & carrots)
Wednesday - Mexican Casserol/Salad
Thursday - Chicken Noodle Soup and French Bread
Friday - Pork Chop Night/mash potatoes/veggies
Saturday - Hockey Game - dinner at Scott Trade
Sunday - Spaghetti Night & Garlic Bread