Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A day in the life...

...of a new stay at home mom. After having lunch with daughter and cleaning up the mess in the dining room and the kitchen I noticed my cabinets were a little (a lot) dusty. I thought, I'll just wipe those down it won't take that much time. I started on the bottom and cleaned the appliances while i was at it and when I got to the top I notice all my greenery on top of the cabinets really needed a good cleaning too. I tore them all down along with the ceramic Tuscan pots and jars of pickled veggies that were just for show. I threw the grape vines in the bathtub and got to work dusting the other items from up above. We have 20 ft. vaulted ceilings on that end of the house and the sun was coming in the window just right to catch all the cob webs that were, of course, all the way at the top. I got out the extension pole and started going away at swiping them down and thought since I'm already do that I better get the hanging light and then after in our foyer with the same extra high ceilings. I put all the vases and jars back up, pulled the grape vines out of the water and hung then over the curtain rod to dry. Now I have a mess on the floors/counters from stiring up all the dust and cob webs so I now have to dust the foyer and wipe down the counters again in the kitchen and sweep and mop the floors. At this point I'm actually done cleaning and a mess from my cleaning fit that I need I shower... except the grapevines are now hanging from the shower curtain rod and I have to clean the bath tub now from the mess they made. It's a whole 24 degrees outside right now, so throwing the grapevines outside is not and option... guess I'll have to wait on the shower. So releived my kitchen is now totally clean from top to bottom though. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I start one little project and is just turns into one huge project.