Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicken Pot Pies

Here's the first of the three meals I'm making with my whole chicken I cooked Sunday all day in the crockpot - Chicken Pot Pie. Here's the link to the blog I found this awesome recipe from click here. Round one was a success!
Here's the fully cooked chicken
It smelled WONDEFUL
That's A LOT of Chicken!
I pulled the meat off after it sat all night to cool off
The bones I'll use to make more Chicken broth
The finished product!
One pie fed 5 people
The other I'm going to freeze for dinner next week
Next I have plans to make a Mexican casserol and the Chicken Noodle Soup from the $5 Dinners blog.

Here's a price break down:
Chicken $1.83
3 potatoes: $.50
Broth: Free (from chicken)
Salt/Pepper/Tyme: penny?
Bag of Frozen Veggies: $.50
Pie Crust: $3.92
Total: $7.01 for TWO MEALS
$3.50 per meal