Friday, January 9, 2009

Shopping Trip 1/9

Well I can explain one of my shopping transactions today and that was at Walgreens:
Sun Laundry Detergent: $3.99 (sale)

South Beach Cereal Bars: $2.50 (sale)
-$2.00 IP coupon

Garnier Gel: $2.99 (sale)
-$2.00 Walg. coupon
-$1.00 coupon

Splenda: $2.99 (Wal coupon)
-$3.00 IP coupon
FREE + $.01 overage

Total OOP: $4.47 (+ $.50 tax)

Walg. coupon savings: $1.30
Walg. advertised savings: $2.49
Manf. coupons: $8.00
Total Savings: $11.79

Now it gets confusing. I won't go into detail, but I made a booboo at CVS... luckily I knew the cashier and the manager was VERY nice. In short, I bought the 24 ct. Stayfree pads x4 (used 2 BOGO coupons) and listerine to get the J&J deal (spend $20 get $10 ECBs). Well after I get to my car there is only $1 in ECB's!! NOT $11!! YIKES! So I went in to find I needed to buy the 28 ct. pads and so I did a big return got cash back and my used ECB's on a gift card. I decided this wasn't worth the cashier's or managers time to hassel with me anymore so I just left! LoL! Oh well, I actually ended up making out a little better since I got a GC that doesn't expire.

Schuncks was our last stop. Too much stuff I needed to put away so no pic or receipt breakdown. We did get chicken breast for $1.87 lb ($10 on chicken to make 9 meals!) and also a whole chicken to do this mealplan from $5 Dinners HERE (makes 3 different meals). And ohhhhhh the PIZZA ROLLS!! 10 boxes for only $4.90! There were items we had to have so we did get items on sale but not at dirt cheap prices. Still made out of there for just over $40, so for all that chicken I was still happy.