Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walgreens 1/17 & 1/18

We are stocked on soda! Along with the Walgreens $10RR for spending $20 we also hit CVS making for a grand total of 16 cases of soda, 3 bags of chips, and 5 bottles of soda for doing this deal 3 times and earning $20RR (Walgreens) and $10ECBs (CVS).

Here's our trip(s) to Walgreens:
5 transactions in 2 days - 3 different Walgreens
I won't break down 5 transacations but in a nut shell here's how we made out:

$10 RR x2 for Pepsi Deal = $20 RR
$10 RR x1 for Ragu and Skippy Deal
$5 RR x1 for Dimetapp and Robitussin Deal

2x BioInfusium Shampoo and Conditioner: $.19 each
Clearance $2.19 each
-2x $2.00 ES coupon

Wal-prophin: BOGO at $3.99each
-$1.00 ES coupon
-$1.00 ES coupon
$1.00 each!!

2x Aleve: $5.00 each
-2x $1.00 coupons

2x Bayer: $2.50 each
- 2x $1.00 coupons

Alka-Seltzer: $5.00
-$1.00 coupon
*Earned $10RR from Aleve, Bayer, and Alka-Selter

2x Dimetapp: $3.99 each
-2x $2.00 IP coupons

-$2.00 IP coupon
*$5 RR from Dimetapp and Robitussin

10x Cases of Pepsi Brand Soda

5x Bottles of Pepsi Brand Soda

2x Bags of Tostitos

5x Ragu: $1.99 each
-2x $.50/2 coupons
-1x $.25 coupon

3x Skippy: $1.99 each
-3x $.40 coupons
*$10RR from Ragu and Skippy

3x Trident Gum: Sale $.99/3

Gillete Travel Size Body Wash:
Clearance: $.50

Total OOP: $49.33 (with tax)

Total Saved: $100.73


*** I must also add that some of the soda (Pepsi w/ Cherry) didn't ring up at sale price rather at regular price. Also a bag of chips clearly marked as on sale 2/$5 rang up at regular prince. Also one of my $2.00 coupons the register wouldn't take from my robitussin deal. So had I caught these mistakes before checking out I would have made out A LOT better ($6.07 LESS! ugh..) But I still think having savings of over $100 is pretty good.