Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Gift

I forgot I also got this other great deal from Amazon till last night when me and my husband were puting it together. As a child I always got a "big gift" from Santa and we've held that tradtion in our own family since our daughter was born. This will be her 3rd Christmas and probably the first one where she really understand the concept of Santa Claus and presents. We are so excited to see her face tomorrow morning (Christmas Day).
Now back to the DEAL:
Melissa & Doud Easel:
Reg: $59.99
Paid: $34.99
I have to be honest I got this deal probably 6 weeks ago and was just thrilled - now they have this same easel for $10 cheaper... but I still am happy with the $25 savings with free shipping and no tax. I saw this same easel at a few different toy store for regular price so I shouldn't complain. We also got her a bunch of art supplies to go with the easel as well. Not a bad deal.