Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Came!

Merry Christmas! I'm very happy with the way the holiday's went this year, minus a few bouts of bad news. When you have family, that's all we really need right?! I had fun bargain hunting for gifts, but I'm actually glad it's all about over. I'll forever remember these days as my daughter enjoys the the "magic" of Christmas, knowing that it only will last for so long. She got so much stuff this year. The two things that the whole family will enjoy most of all are, the tickets to see Elmo's Green Thumb at Scott Trade Center and the membership with the Magic House (a kids interactive museum). The things me and my husband will enjoy the most are the 2 sets of tickets we got to see the St. Louis Blues play at Scott Trade Center and a few autographed items by Blue's players. That really is only a few of the wonderful items we received, we are grateful for everything. We still have another Christmas family gathering Saturday that we are looking forward to and glad that it's a casual affair. Tomorrow my husband turns a whole 25 years old. We aren't doing much to celebrate this year, he had a big surprise party last year. Who would want their birthday the day after Christmas?? I will try to get out to do a little bit of after Christmas sale shopping tomorrow. I always get my wrapping paper and boxes when they go 60%-70% off and just save them for the next year. The dollar store turned out to be a great place for wrapping paper for my daughter this year. They had Dora/Princess/Tinker Bell. We told her we'd send the paper to Santa Claus in the North Pole to wrap her gifts with since she was along when we bought it. Hope everyone had a great Christmas this year and have a Happy New Year!