Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inexpensive Christmas Cards This Year!

I'm also trying to cut corners for the holidays. Costco just cut their price per photo print to 13 cents! So I used my photo editing program and my FREE digital scrapbooking kits I downloaded off the internet to create these adorable and unique Christmas cards:

Total Cost for 60 prints: $7.80! I found envelopes at Walmart that fit for $2.50! Can NOT beat that for custom one-of-a-kind Christmas cards. I also only mailed out 20 cards this year and hand delivered the rest that a $16+ savings on stamps.
Who says you have to cut things out? Just find a cheaper way around it without being cheap!


Jessica said...

These are really cute! I haven't tried to do anything like this before, but it looks fun.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my No More Than Milk! post. My husband and I have worked really hard to build up our stockpile and now we are excited to sit back and enjoy a month off.

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