Friday, December 26, 2008

First Try

I've heard of people buying coupons off ebay and started checking it out - I'm not about to miss out on a money saving opportunity! Schnuck's has had the Bird's Eye Frozen Veggies on sale for 2 weeks in a row now for $1 each! Already a great deal right?? Now let's throw in some coupons. I searched ebay for "Bird's Eye Coupons" and up pops a bunch! I paid $1.68 with shipping for 10 coupons which were good for $1 off 2 bags of Bird's Eye Veggies! I got the coupons the very next day in the mail (plus a cupple of extra coupons!) and realized the lady that mailed them lives very close to me so I will be a repeat customer. Today I went to the store, scooped me up 20 bags of veggies for $10 and now we are fully stocked for a good few months. I'd suggest checking your local grocers circular the day is comes out and if you see a good deal search ebay for the coupons and order asap, some sellers may not ship quite as fast as the one I baught from.