Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Stuff!

This week I got a few FREE items in the mail and thought I'd share. I go to and she puts all the safe free sample offers up on her site each day. I've set up a separate e-mail address specifically to register for these items because you will end up getting a lot of spam and newsletters.
-Glad Force Flex Trashbag
-Benefiber powder drink mix
-13 oz. bottle of Country Bob's Sauce
-3 Tampax Pearl Tampons
-2 Kotex Tampons
-2 Kotex Pads

Here's a couple of the curent offers from today posted by
Sundance Tea
Being Girl Sample Pack
Greenies Dog Sample

*Make sure to open a seprate e-mail address before registering - never type in your phone # when asked - never enter in a credit card number!*