Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Bumble Bee Bowtique

So it's been a LONG time since I posted in this blog, but with GOOD reason. As stated in my orginal post I jumped right into the Bows and Tutus. I opened my online store: www.TheBumbleBeeBowtique.com the beginning of August and couldn't believe how fast things took off. It's pretty well taken up all my free time when I'm not working or taking care of my sweet girl (the inspiration). I did open a special MySpace account to promote my store: www.MySpace.com/thebumblebeebowtique and that's where a lot of my customers come from. It's an awesome place to spread the word and advertise for FREE. Halloween was super busy. I would guess I made over a dozen costumes ranging from ladybugs (most popular), peacock, penguin, poodle skirts, witches, and bows to match. In November I did 3 different craft shows that took a lot of prep work. The first two weren't so great but the third ended up paying off. I had 3 very interested customers that all of which I've heard from again since the craft show and given me repeat business. It's nice to have local customers as well as national customers. I still have a display at Candy Bouquet, it's just much larger in scale now. I offer other items besides just the bows an tutus. I have pacifier clips, kufi hats, flower clips, infant clips, bow holders, and I hope to just keep expanding. May of my customers have sent me photos to use for advertising with their adorable daughters wearing the items purchased from my store. That just makes my heart swell everytime I see someone who is a happy customer and proud their daughter is wearing something that I created. I am now in the midst of Christmas and making outfits for everyones holiday photos. I love working with everyone to create custome, one-of-a-kind items that they can feel is special and just for their daughter(s). I have so much fun creating and making things for my own daughter.