Thursday, April 19, 2012

Riding Lesson Progress

 Alyssa has been going to riding lessons since Fall of 2011
This is something my 5 year old has wanted to do for a couple of years at that point and we thought maybe she was ready.

We found a great stable and Alyssa has loved every minute of it.
 This is Gabby, the horse she's rode from the beginning - a sweet mare that is 33 years old.  Slow and steady, just perfect for a beginner little girl and her worrisome mama.

Yesterday she requested to ride a "different horse."  Meet Sprite.  A smaller horse, but also a much more peppy horse.  He was pretty good to her, and she had another great lesson.

 She is in pure heaven at the stable.  It has taught her a lot about listening, caring for an animal, and being responsible.  It's a joy, as a mother, to watch her ride and enjoy it so much.