Thursday, April 19, 2012

Custom Clothing Addiction

Recently my daughter modeled for a business called:
Little One Designs
The owner makes beautiful hand made clothing!!!!

It has sparked a new obsession - wanting unique and custom clothing for my daughter's wardrobe
Of course I had to have the outfit she modeled :)

Then I found Zulily...
This colorful dress was my first purchase from Zulily
My daughter loves it because it "twirls" really well

And this is a new design from Luna B. Tee - a dress instead of a Tee/Onsie

This is in no way a frugal obsession - but they are pieces I would pass down and hang onto instead of donating or selling (except the personalized dress of course). So in some ways, it is sort of an investment.

My daughter's Easter Dress was also a Little One Designs Piece:

And her birthday outfit is also ordered and coming from Little One Designs