Thursday, April 5, 2012

Entry Way Bench Build

 These are the plans we used for our entry way bench!
They are the Perfect Cubby Bench Plans by Ana White

 This was a fun project me and my hubby took on together.
Here he is trying out his new miter saw.  A very handy took to have around.

 Assembling the bench!

Here is it!  The raw wood in all it's glory.  We did take out the extra shelf that was originally part of the plans and just rounded the edges more to compensate.

Here it is painted white.  We added black cubbie drawers from Target

Frugal bench seat:
Because foam can get pricy at the fabric store I decided to use a mattress egg carton.
After measuring the bench seat - I cut two identical pieces of egg carton foam then layered them on top of each other.  No glue needed.  

After cutting the fabric to size I wrapped the foam and folded the corners nice
Of course for a no sew short cut - I simply used duct tape to secure!

Wrap your corners like a present for a finished look

The finished bench!

 Our new welcoming entry