Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Clothes are New Again!

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they grow like weeds! My "little" one isn't so little anymore with her 4th birthday around the corner. She's always been very tall for her age and a step up in size then what her actual age reads. As a result, we end up going through clothes like crazy.
I've come across a lot of great blogs explaining how to take outgrown clothes and make them new and WAREABLE again!
This article is great if you have a new toddler and still are hanging onto those baby clothes at Sew Can Do
Ruffles and Stuff has many great ideas to transform clothes to not only wearable, but CUTE!
Once again my little girl is almost to the point of highwater jeans, but luckily spring is in the air! Many of her jeans and pants are going to be transformed into capri's and skirts.
I have done a few clothing alterations in the past HERE is one. I will post pics after I've gotten to work!