Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sewing Away

In the past I haven't gone near a sewing machine but maybe twice since my high school home ec class. I guess I've gotten brave in the week. I've seen so many blogs lately making lots of creative things and offering up some great tutorials. Here's what I've made myself!
These jeans I bought for my daughter in Aug. and by Oct. she had grown about a foot and never got a chance to wear them. They still fit in the waist so I added the ruffle to the bottom of the legs to add the needed length. I've seen these a lot, but couldn't find a good tutorial so I just wung it and I think it worked out pretty well!
This was my first appliqued t-shirt. I liked it a lot and then my mom brought home a pair of Dollar Store Christmas socks and a light bulb when off - make the socks into sleeves! I had another shirt of my daughters that was faux layered and used that shirt as a guide to sew the sleeves on. I cut the feet off the socks and used the excess fabric from the socks to cut out circle and made a layered flower style hair clip too. (Not pictured)
I got extra brave with this shirt. I appliqued the front and sewed on the 3-D bow to the top of the Christmas gift. The sleeves were pretty long on my daughter so I cut off about 4" and added matching green polka dot cuffs. I also used the 4" of red material from the sleeves I cut off from the shirt and sewed straps to the cuffs. I still would like to add Christmas buttons to the straps on the cuffs.
Who knows what I'll get into next! Stay tooned! I'm feeling extra crafty these days!