Friday, March 12, 2010

Coupon Shopping "Break"

I guess you could say I'm going on a coupon "break." I didn't get to the bargains this Sunday due to normal everyday craziness. I am doing a big two day expo this weekend, and did have RR from Walgreen expiring on the 14th, so I went to Walgreens and used up what I had on a few good deals and a ZhuZhu pet to put in my daughter's Easter basket. So I'll be starting fresh next week, but no couponing again this Sunday since I'll be working the expo.

I have gone to Walmart twice this week and gotten some great deals and toy deals:
3x Monopoly Deal Games with coupon $.24 each
2x Hungry Hippos Travel game with coupons $1.24 each
6x Buddies Soaps with coupons: couple cents each money maker
4x Pull Ups wipes with coupons: $.64 each
2x My Little Ponies with coupons: $2.50 each

I'm starting to pile up my "gift stash" and "Christmas present stash" as I know that all that stuff sneaks right up on you!

I'm happy to announce that as of this past Christmas I've pretty well had Easter basket, birthday gifts, and half the Christmas present shopping for THIS Christmas done! With the exceptions of adding things in here and there as they come along. There are two great points to this:

#1) Not having to worry about these things as it gets closer. No more last minute shopping!
#2) Saves money! Pick up the bargains when they are out there and stash for later!