Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rhinestone Cowgirl Party Planning #1

For some reason my little girl has takin' a strong liking to horses over the last year. She was a cowgirl for Halloween and now has requested a "Horsey Party."

First, it's not easy finding anything "Cowgirl" everything is mostly for "cowboys". Not a problem for me, that just means I get to be extra creative!

First I was thinking pink and brown and now I want something more bright and cheery and GIRLY! The Theme:

Rhinestone Cowgirl

I actually found a digital scrapbook kit called Rhinestone Cowgirl too!

Here's the invitation!

We are actually going to be having a "photo shoot" with a horse later this week. These photos will be used at the party and of course in the invitation above.

Follow me as I piece this fun "horsey" party together!