Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tinkerbell Party #3

Here's the dress my little fairy princess will be wearing for the party! Yes, I do make these and sell them if you need one for your own little fairy princess: It's called a "tutu dress." Usually they are ankle or floor length, but to match tinker bell's shorter dress it's more of a knee/mid shin length.

The wings came from a barbie type hair styler toy my daughter got for Christmas just a in tinkerbell form instead of barbie.

We found these cute shoes at the Disney store on our Branson vacation. I thought they would be cute for her party dress and for everyday use after her birthday is over.

She also has some adorable tinker bell sunglasses and a purse she loves that will all make for the CUTEST party ensemble.


Lisa said...

I did a tinkerbell party for my 2 year old in March, it was alot of fun to plan. She got that same tinkerbell head as a gift and she loves to play with it.