Monday, May 4, 2009

Freebies on Vacation!

So I'd thought I post a few of our FREE and FUN activities we've been taking advantage of here in Branson, Missouri. Our resort offers many free amenities inlcuding:
Indoor Pool and Hot Tub:

Miniture Golf:


We also visited:

The Fish Hatchery ($1.00 if you count fish food):

We also found out Michael's Arts and Crafts is having free daily crafts through Mother's Day and there is a really nice one in Branson!

And I'm proud to announce we have not eaten out ONCE in the last 4 days we've been here. I did as I do at home and came up with a meal plan for lunches and dinners and brought a lot of different choices for breakfasts so we could choose what we felt like eating in the mornings. My parents are joining us tomorrow and we do plan to have dinner out together and my husband and I have a traditional crab leg dinner every time we go on vacation that is budgeted for. We still have 3 1/2 days left to enjoy and there are plenty of free and near free things you can do here and have fun doing. We all deserve a vacation away from it all, you just don't have to save for a year and spend a lot of money to have a memorable trip.