Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tinker Bell Party Recap

Alyssa in her tinker bell tutu dress and me in my butterfly wings

My baby girl is now a 3 year old! Her Tinker Bell party ended up having to be moved to the garage due to uncertain weather condition, but it still turned out to be just fine and Alyssa had a great time. Here's some of the details:

Gift table, arch way with butterflies, and toadstool (<---Click link for directions to make the toadstool) for the little fairy princess to sit and open her birthday gifts on.

This was my Easter tree I made for the past holiday and thought it would work perfect to hang butterflies from for the party. I'm happy with the result.

Small centerpieces thrown together with dollar store flowers and iridescent shreds under neath. You can kind of see the food table in the background, nothing special - but I did make these to put on that table you may want to check out.

We hung the butterflies and decorated lanterns from the garage door (should have been from trees outside - but you do what you have to do)

The hand painted yard sign I transformed from the "Welcome Home" banner when Alyssa's was first born

The cake and desert table. I hung a lantern and butterflies from the hanging light.

I found the Tinker Bell candy (ring pops and pop rocks) at the dollar store. The treat bags (all the way to the right of the photo) I found on clearance at Michael's for $.49 for 4. The cake stand I also found on clearance at Michael's for $2.97.

My good friend custom made the cake. I purchased the cake mix and frosting and told her I wanted a toadstool on top and she did MAGIC! A tiny Tinker Bell sits on top of the toadstool house complete with sprinkle sidewalk.

I found the green utensil felt basket at Target for $1 (purple utensils came from the Dollar Store). I wanted to make marshmallow wands and found marshmallow poles at the Dollar store (10 for $1!), so those became the fairy wands. The Tinker Bell gift bags in the back were included in the cake stand, which I filled with cookies.

I used the flowers I got for my anniversary gift at the birthday party. I wrapped the vase with Tinker Bell ribbon and added a butterfly to tie the space together.

Hope you enjoyed a look into my little girl's 3rd birthday party!


A Touch of Country said...

just found your blog and i love the tinker bell party!

Brenda said...

Beautiful party! I'm planning a Tinker Bell party for daughter's birthday in the fall & I can't wait to incorporate some of your wonderful ideas!

Jill said...

I linked to you from Tip Junkie. Cute party! Looks like you did a lot of work, but isn't it always worth it to see the look on your child's face? I love the toadstool.

hterice said...

I am giving my baby a fairy party to. Check ot som of my crafts at