Monday, May 18, 2009

Love 2 Party Plan

I always have loved planning parties, even when I was younger in high school - parties were all about the decor! With less then a week till my daughter's 3rd birthday I have still LOTS to do.

The theme: Tinkerbell

In the midst of moving, vacation, yard sale, anniversary, and the grand opening on my new online boutique this month of May I wasn't about to let my princess' birthday fall by the way side. Here's our project for the day: her very own toad stool to open her birthday gifts on.

I did see this on the web somewhere, so I can't take all the credit. But I did tweak it alittle to save time and money.

Bucket ($1 - Dollar Store)
Red Fabric ($.99)
White Felt ($.20)
Old Pillow (Free)
Hot Glue & Fabric Glue

1.) Cut fabric in circle & glue edges together with fabric glue.
**Make sure to leave a small opening to add stuffing to later**
Let sit over night to ensure the glue dries completely

2.) Flip fabric right side out and stuff with stuffing - sew or glue opening

3.) Cut out various sized round circles from white felt and glue with fabric glue on the the red cushion

4.) Remove handle from bucket (if necessary) and hot glue your cushion to the bottom of the bucket & YOUR DONE!

Grand total: $2.19
Skill Level: EASY

I can't wait to see this in the mix of all the other decor at the party.
Now just pray for NO RAIN!

**More projects to come**