Monday, June 11, 2012

Working for the Weekend (and every other day of the week)

I have a wonderfully unconventional job.  It's not a 9-5, or can be defined as part time or even full time job.  It's a hobby that quickly turned into a extra full time job.

I'm known to many of my littlest customers as "The Bow Lady."

I work from home, in my studio, most days of the month then 3-6 days a month I hit our local malls with my very own small business Crossin My Heart Creations.

This past weekend was a show weekend... 
This is not so much of a "job" to me, it really is a passion.  The passion for design, the passion for details, the passion to make people smile with my work.  I've been making little girl's accessories since 2007 and retailing it on a larger scale since 2009.  It's just been a total snowball effect since the very beginning.  I have big plans for my small business and believe if you really do have a dream you can make it happen!!!!

Maybe at some point I'll go into more detail about all this, because it really did grow from nothing more then hard work, dedication, patients, and persistence.  I've come a long way, so has Crossin My Heart Creations, and we are still moving forward.  Very excited to see what the future holds!