Monday, June 11, 2012

Unoffical "Bring Your Daughter To Work Day"

 Although I was a little nervous for our, just turned 6 year old, to join us for a few hours at our show this weekend at the mall, I was so glad to have her there!

We've been doing shows like this for 3 years now and this is the first time she's been there other then to visit.  

 She was a GREAT helper!!!  She really did enjoy helping mommy restock the glitter headbands, dusting the shelves, fixing up the booth and making sure it was just right before we opened.

I was very tempted to put her in a tutu, pair of fairy wings, and the biggest sparkiest hair accessory and let her prance around to bring in business - but I think she would have been embarrassed (now that she is a whole SIX YEARS OLD).  But I did put her in a custom ordered embroidered shirt that said "My mommy makes my bows."  I thought that was pretty appropriate.  

She was there for about 2 hours then it was off to a birthday party she went, and Grandma Crossin watched her that evening.  Talk about a busy day for her and a special day for this proud mama.  I can't wait till she gets a little older and can really be my show sidekick.