Friday, June 19, 2009

Time for Mom

I'm pretty lucky that I can still get a daily 2 hour nap out of my 3 year old. Today I took that two hours and gave myself some home spa time because I've gotten lots of free or nearly free items I hadn't had the chance to try out yet. Plus every mom deserves some time to herself right? FOR SURE!

First, I got Veet from this past double coupon event at K-Mart for less then $1.50. Loved it! Easy, takes a little time, but if it lasts about a week I think it's worth the extra time.

Also used my FREE Vitamin Shampoo in the shower, along with Free Softsoap body wash, coconut exfoliater. Also I got a free tube of face exfoliater with a bottle of face wash which was fabulous. Didn't have to shave because of the Veet! Yay!

I used awesome Aveeno lotion which I got at the KMart doubles for cheap. Used my ped egg I got for Christmas. Used a free sample of Garnier Ultra Lift Pro facial moisturizer and a free sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's Twilight scent.

Next my mani/pedi. Hot pink toes and a french manicure. All things I had on hand.

And what good spa experience doesn't come complete with a little Chocolate!?

So pamper yourself! It doesn't have to be at a fancy spa. Save your money! I feel like a brand new woman!