Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting rid of the B-I-N-K-Y

Yes, it's a very hard thing to admit that my 3 year old is just now officially done with the binky...
She's used to only napping and going to bed at night with her binky, it wasn't something that she had all day or all the time, but does this have to be so hard for the little kid and for the parents?? I'm sure she feels like a security item has been taken from her and I feel like it's the last little tiny item that takes the last of her "babyness" away from her.
I guess it's like everything else, we will all get through it. She slept fine without it last night and this morning we made it a fun thing to throw the 2 binkies she's had into the trash can. We rewarded her with giving her 3 pompoms (read more about that here) for her reward jar (1 for sleeping without it and 1 for each binky she threw away).
We've tackled the big girl bed, potty training, and now the binky... oh dear what could be next... or should I even ask...