Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mrs. List Maker

Just call me Mrs. List Maker

I can't live without a "TO-DO LIST."  Post-its, note pads, magnetic fridge pads, calendars (I have 3 in my house), dry erase boards, I need it all to be efficient.
Not to mention I have a horrible memory, so it's really a need more then a want.

Added to my to do list is a Chalk Board chore chart for my little girl.  Yep, another TO-DO LIST for her ;)

I have lots on my June list to complete.  May things include building some new things for our home, organizing this and that, painting some furniture... and I could go on.

I have seen many blogs with their own permanent TO-DO LISTS in their blog's side bars.  A convenient way to cross things off the list as you blog about your accomplishments.  SO WHY NOT add yet another list to my already over kill amount I have around the house.  One that is public and maybe will help me to get things done a little more efficiently.

So added to this weeks TO-DO LIST: make a to-do list.