Saturday, May 26, 2012

8 Years of Wedded "Bliss"

It's hard to believe we've been married for 8 year now...
Like all marriages we have plenty of ups and downs.  But we've made it this far and don't have plans of slowing down.  I'm so blessed to have a hardworking, caring, dedicated man in my life.  God really did have good things planned for us when we met.  One of those being our little girl who turned 6 years old just two days later. 

This year we had a GREAT anniversary, thanks to my own baby sister (photographed in the middle of the photo below)

She is training many of the servers and hostesses at the brand new Pi restaurant which will soon be opening in Downtown St. Louis on Washington Ave.

She got us in for their private event before their grand opening.  Also treated us VIP!
We were wined and dined with two gourmet pizza (Pie's/"Pi's"), adult beverages, salads, appetizer, and desserts - all for FREE
We had a great time and will for sure remember this special day in our lives.