Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Newest Toy!

This was a sweet gift from my grandmother. She bought it brand new, used it once, and then it sat for about 3ish years. She lives aways a way from us, but when we would visit I tried to mess around with it to see if I could figure it out and possibly at some point make my daughter a little something with it. The beginning of December she asked if I'd like to have it on an "forever loan." Meaning, you can barrow it for forever. I was just THRILLED!!
It took me about 3 weeks of trial and error to get it to do anything. I joined a yahoo group and took advice from a creative friend that knew far more about these things then I did.
And here is my first official wearable creation!
I made the pants awhile back, and I guess my daughter has had a growth spurt since then! (Before she ever got to wear them...)
This is an appliqued monogram and I'm in love with this style!
And you must accessorize!! I made this shabby flower with the same material from the applique and jeans with a monogram bottlecap center and attached it all to a crochet kufi hat
(Find the hats here at my online store:
I'm so excited about all the boutique style items that will be coming out of my craft room soon!