Thursday, December 31, 2009

Handmade Christmas Creations

There are so many creative blogs and bloggers out there I kept coming across projects and thinking, so and so would like this, and this... and that's where many of my Christmas gifts were born!
I took some ideas and changed them a little to suit the person they were going to and these are a few of the things that were wrapped under the Christmas tree this year:
I made this magnetic recipe/photo holder for my mother.
It has her style written all over it.
I got the tutorial from here:

This was another gift for my mom.
It was a silhouette for her favorite (and only) granddaughter
A very enexpensive frame that I added jute to.
You can google search directions on how to make the silhouette
which was very simple to do as well.

This headband I created for my sister. She loves accessories.
I made an orangza flower with a seed beaded center, attached some tulle behind it.
Added some feathers and glued it all together onto a Goody's headband.
Here's a great tutorial on how to make the oranga flowers:
I think she wore it the night I gave it to her she liked it so much!
I made a few other things that I will post a little later.