Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Alyssa with the stepping stone that reads:
"Grandma and Papa's House"

Oh, how much fun it must be being the ONLY GRANDCHILD! Yep, that's my Alyssa. Spoiled through and through by her "Gramma" & "Papa." I think it's only fitting that the grandparents get a day to claim as their own for all the wonderful things they do and stand for.

My daughter and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon one day this week after she got home from school doing her favorite thing "a project." Her eyes light up instantly when she hear the word "project." But this project was super special, it was for her grandparents for their special day.

We both picked out the stepping stone at the store together. Granted me, the mom, had a big hand in this craft; however, it was fun and we wanted something her grandparents could have around for awhile. She did do quite a bit of the work with me, stirring the cement, smoothing it out, picking out the designs she wanted and laying all the pretty pieces of tumbled glass so it was just perfect.

Now remember she is 3, and secrets are HARD to keep at any age. So we let the stone cure over night and she just couldn't stand it anymore, she had to give her gift one day early. But shouldn't every day be Grandparent's Day anyway?

Alyssa with her #1 Papa who wanted to proudly
display the stepping stone right in front of their house