Friday, October 30, 2009

Witch's Tea Party Part 1 - Decor

Happy Birthday.... TO ME! To celebrate the occasion as well has Halloween I planned a Witch's tea party! It was more of a birthday party/Halloween party/play date and SO MUCH FUN!

On this first post I'll take you through the decor - don't forget to read the next post about the activities and the menu.That's me! And my sweet as can be daughter Alyssa

This is my long time friend Kelly and her precious little girl Samantha

Here the dining room where were had the party

I decorated the corner shelf to look like a shelf that might be in a witch's lair.

The skull what a dollar store find as well as all the of the battery operated tea lights. I wrapped bottle with labels I found online and filled the empty bottles with colored water.

Just a few odds and in with more bottles and candles. I did wrap this "Boo" candle with scrapbook paper and added the laser cut letters. The hurricane glass I also added a black cat jell sticky to.

The centerpiece of the table was a cauldron candy bucket filled with lime green tulle. Under the cauldron is white tulle and fake barbed wire rope. I saw this "wicked" decoration and had to have it being for a WITCH's tea party. It worked out well front and center on the table.

This was one of the girl's place settings. I just used colored construction paper for place mats and drew on the spider web and wrote in their names with black markers.

These cute little sipper cups are filled with milk. I painted on melted chocolate and let it dry before adding the milk.

These mini cauldron's were at the girl's place settings as well. I added a sticker and a small knot of ribbon and put crayons in them for them to draw on their place mats.

This was one of our "adult" place settings. Nothing special, but a black mug and spoon for our tea.

I saw this idea online and thought - HOW CUTE! These are a pair of my shoes that my husband has actually called my "witch shoes." I stuffed these striped socks with newspaper and put them under our recliner, which was visible from the dining room.

Here is the food/snack/desert table. The cauldron to the left is filled with aluminum foil on the bottom and green lights on top to help illmuminate, then green spider web on top to hide the lights. An inflatable black cat sits next to the cauldron.
You can read more about the room and other items on this table in the next post.


Barbara said...

How cute, Shannon! I especially love the witch's legs under the sofa. I may have to try that!