Thursday, August 6, 2009


Holy Moly! I had a total blast shopping Target's end of July toy sale last week: F-U-N! I went to three different Targets and found different, new, and great stuff at each one. My FAVORITE buy was the V-Tech V-Motion games (3 items at the very bottom of the photo). Reg price: $24.99 each I paid $6.22 each!! YAY! We already bought the V-Motion game console as our daughter's "big Christmas gift" and set it aside (another great buy from Amazon using swagbucks gift cards and catching a great sale - we paid $5 out of pocket for the $75 machine!!). Anyway, for all 28 items pictured below I paid $88 and it was nearly $350 worth of toys at regular price. I offically can call Chirstmas shopping for our little 3 year old DONE (we have gathered other things along the way that she will also be getting). Is it Christmas yet?? How am I supposed to keep these wonderful toys from her for so long?!?


Kimberly said...

I love Target too....I got some awesome toys today also for the kiddies. I think I need to go ahead and plan for Xmas, great idea.