Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just craziness at our Kmart first thing this morning. If you didn't get there within the first 30 minutes, you missed out getting a cart even! (Thankfully I didn't have that problem) Our area hasn't seen an event like this at Kmart in nearly 5 months, so it was fun to finally get some deals that so many people in other areas have been reaping the benefits from. SOOOO Here's what I was able to snag (in two transactions)!!

7x Trident gum (FREE)
5x Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads (FREE)
1x Capri Suns ($.69!)
4x Cases of Pepsi brand soda ($.19 each!)
2x Kotex liners (FREE)
1x Clearasil face wash ($1.29!)
1x Colgate kids toothbrush ($.74!)
2x Nivea lip blam ($.49 each!)
1x Scrubbing Bubbles foam ($1.50!)
1x Soft Soap hand soap (FREE)
2x Bandaids ($.79 each!)
4x Vaseline lotion (FREE)
2x KY Jelly ($.49 each!)
2x Secret Flawless deodorant: ($.49 each!)
1x Bic Soleil ($1.29)
4x Purex fabric softener ($.85 each!)
4x Kraft dressing ($.17 each!)
2x Clorox anywhere spray: ($.54 each!)
1x Apple Jacks cereal ($.49!)
1x Trix cereal ($1.29) * My only known error-thought it was a $2.50 cereal*

Subtotal: $80.58
Coupons redeemed: $58.70
Total OOP: $21.88
Total saved with sales/coupons: $73.64
***77% SAVINGS***

TOO MUCH FUN! They need to do this more then once every 5 months around here! I can't wait to see everyone else's deals from their K-Mart trip!


Leah W said...

where did you get coupons for the purex?

please reply to

thanks :)

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

HOLY COW!! Thats awesome :)