Monday, April 6, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trips x2

Two days and 6 stores later, I finished my grocery shopping for the week. Many stores we don't frequent so this isn't an every week thing, but we did get good deals so it was worth the extra effort.
Day 1:
Samm's Club: 2lb. strawberries
Costoco: Milk & 3 dozen eggs
Market Place: 1 gallon ice cream
Hostess Store: 4x bread
Aldi: 10 lbs. potatoes, baby carrots, 3x garden salad, ice cream cones, 2x canned mushrooms, frosting, raisins, cinnamon rolls, & cream cheese

Total from Day 1: $25.25

Day 2:
Market Place: 3x margarine, 2x shredded cheese, 2x french onion dip, rolls, grapes, & bannanas, case of Mountain Dew
Schnucks: 2x lay's chips, cake mix, 4x frozen veggies

Total from Day #2: $16.34

Grand Total from Both Days: $41.59

($18.41 under budget!)