Monday, June 30, 2008


I've officially become a blogger. I'm very excited about my new venture, HAIR BOWS AND TUTUS!! I have always been in the craft world since I was very little, thanks to my mother. It was only natural for me to start working one of my first jobs at Michael's Arts and Crafts. I was promoted to the Event Coordinator position after only a year and found my niche. Not only did I get to host events, parties, and classes (another one of my passions, party planning) I also got to try out all the latest and greatest inventions in the craft world. I stayed at Michael's for 4 years total and enjoyed it all until another great creative opportunity came along... Candy Bouquet!! I have now been happily working for a friend's mother at her Candy Bouquet shop now for over a year and couldn't be happier. I get to still be very creative and work with my hands. I work part time because my full time job is being a mother to very energetic 2 year old. She is the inspiration for this latest venture into making hair bows and tutu as well as tutu dresses. If you are a mother to a little girl, you just about can't resist these things!! I've seen them a lot and with my background I of course thought, "I CAN DO THAT!!" So I'm doing it and having a blast. I have a few bows out for sale at the Candy Bouquet and have sold a few, I'd like to branch out and offer them over the internet, thus HERE I AM! I will at some point try e-bay (not so sure about that yet) and even a MySpace page dedicated to it. For now I'm just feeling it out. I guess before I close this, my first blog, I should also say I'm married to a wonderful man for 4 years now and he is great enough to understand my crafting addiction and always has supported me. That's all of now!! I would love to eventually get pictures up of my creation... check back again soon!